Jesse’s Girl Eye Dust Review

Hey! Today I’m going to review the Pure Pigment Eye Dust by Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics.

One day recently I was going about my normal morning routine and on my way back home I decided to step into Rite Aid (drugstore for those of you that are not familiar). I honestly did not plan on buying anything but I wanted to look around a little bit to get some ideas for my next YouTube vid. I definitely had plenty of makeup that I could use but since my channel is all about creating makeup looks with affordable products I didn’t see the harm in checking out products for the future. So, as I’m browsing I see Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics. Now, I had already seen that brand once before at a different Rite Aid location but I didn’t pay it too much attention. However, this time something actually caught my attention.

The Pure Pigment Eye Dust was arranged with one sliding down on top of another. Each row, of course, had a different color. The colors can seem not too exciting from a distance but I saw otherwise once I picked up a container. The color looks rich and has a hint of sparkle to it that is not overwhelming like glitter can appear. It took me about 15 minutes to decide on a color. I debated between Sunstone, Sparkle Gold, and Rouge Flambe. I created a look in my mind with each color and decided on Rouge Flambe. So much for not buying anything. To top it off, it was on sale for under $2.00. The regular price is $4.99 in-store and online. I almost bought another but I told myself I wanted to see if I liked it first before buying more. I went home, tried it, and realized I should have bought more, lol.


The container has a sifter insert as you can see in the picture above. I made sure to shake it up a little bit to allow the product to break up and come through the top. I dabbed my brush into it and started with a small amount. A small amount does wonders but I was so impressed by the strong pigmentation that I kept putting more on my lid little by little. One thing I was worried about before using the eye dust was how well it would blend considering similar “dust” shadows are not the easiest to blend. Again, I was impressed by how easy it was to not only blend but there wasn’t any fallout. The company’s website claims that the product is crease-free. I wore the shadow for about 4 hours and in that time I did not notice any creasing. Keep in mind, I did apply eye primer first. However, the site claims you will get the same result without adding primer.


Eye look created


Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics Pure Pigment Eye Dusts   $4.99

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  1. Great review! This is so so pretty, love the dark magenta shade.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!😊 The color definitely had me hooked lol


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