NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base Review

Welcome back! Today I am reviewing the NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base in White, Black, and Skin Tone.
Pearl is another available eyeshadow base but I did not purchase it so I will stick to speaking about the ones I have tried.

NYX says:
1. Maximizes shadow intensity
2. Maximizes longevity
3. Creates a smooth canvas for color
4. Increases durability and prevents fallout

base, primer, nyx, skin tone
Skin Tone

Skin Tone was the first base I purchased from NYX. I made a trip to the CVS drugstore not exactly sure what I would buy but I wanted new products for my makeup collection. At that point, I had never used an eyeshadow primer and it was something I was interested in trying. I wanted to start off with something simple and skin tone fit that description. In my opinion, this base does create a smooth canvas for color. Instead of using my finger, I use a shadow or small concealer brush to apply the product. Once applied I use a dabbing motion to apply my transition color which also sets the base. I have to say, guys, NYX did not lie. This base provided all the things it said it would. As far as maximizing shadow intensity, I did not see a difference. I suggest this as an everyday base. I did, however, notice a difference in intensity using the White.

base, primer, nyx, white

White provides all the benefits above and is said to give 100x more vivid color. It definitely brightened my eye look. I was satisfied with the “brilliance” payoff. I suggest this base if you are doing a holiday look or getting ready for a daytime date.

base, primer, nyx, black

Now, back to black, lol. This is absolutely a must have in my makeup bag! I love the depth and dimension this product adds to my smokey eye looks. If you are preparing for an evening out, this should be the primer calling your name.

To conclude, I love the NYX Eyeshadow Bases. Each one has its own special perks. I guess it’s time for me to buy the Pearl. I love you guys!

NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base $7.00

Buy at ULTA $6.99

Buy “Black” at ULTA $6.99

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. I LOVE NYX products, I definitely have to check these out!
    xx, Stacie

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    1. Yes! NYX is one of my favorite brands! Thanx for the love*


  2. I agree, these are amazing and works wonders

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Absolutely! Thanx for the love*


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