Save Money by Getting This Beauty Blender Dupe

Let’s get right to it. If you’ve ever used the original beauty blender then you know it’s a great product. It is well worth the $20. However, if you are on tight budget and want a similar finish to your makeup then you are in luck.

The Ulta Super Blender Sponge is the first sponge I have used that can go toe to toe with the Beauty Blender. I’ve tried many contenders that I feel soak up too much precious product and doesn’t quite give the well-blended effect. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t find a blending sponge that wouldn’t add insult to my bank account.

ulta, super blender sponge, makeup tools
Ulta Super Blender SPonge

At only $4.99 The Ulta Super Blending Sponge created a smooth finish to my foundation without soaking up all of my product causing me to use more and more. Its ergonomic finger notches are a nice bonus, allowing me to keep a firm grip. I have used the sponge dry for full coverage and damp for sheer coverage. You would think using it dry would make your foundation harder to blend but I didn’t have that issue. The pointed tip works well for smaller areas such as around the nose and eyes but I prefer to use the mini versions when it comes to that task.

ulta, blending, beauty sponge
Tip of full-size sponge

The 3 mini Super Blender Sponges were the first Ulta brand sponges I purchased. I needed something ideal for concealing, highlighting, and contouring. Well, that’s exactly what it said on the packaging so I went for it. Using these beauties wet is my preference. They work really well with cream and liquid products. Also, I’m sure someone would like to know they are latex-free and hypoallergenic. I loved them so much I just had to buy the full-size version.

mini sponges, makeup sponges, ulta
Mini Super Blending Sponges

To clean, simply wash with a gentle soap. I like to use baby shampoo when I don’t have any brush cleaner on hand. Rinse with warm water and let it air dry. I love you guys!

Ulta Super Blender Sponge $4.99

Ulta Mini Sponges Super Blender $5.99

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  1. Great post 🙂 🙂 Will need to try this beauty blender dupe x x

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    1. Thanks 😊 let me know if you like it once you’ve tried it.

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      1. Your welcome 🙂 🙂 Yes, I will x x

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