Introducing Boxes of Bijoux: my Chloe+Isabel boutique

Chloe and Isabel was founded in 2011 when Chantel Waterbury decided she wanted to make a real difference and empower women. Before C+I, she managed a successful 15-year career in jewelry design, development, and merchandising. She created this business to pass along her knowledge to help women gain the skills to run their very own fashion business.

– A description of what makes chloe and isabel jewelry unique


One day in 2014, I saw the Facebook ad for C+I as I was scrolling down my news feed. At that point in my life, I did need extra income but it was the nursed dream of owning my own fashion business that really hooked me. I applied to become an independent merchandiser, interviewed with the company, and received my Essential starter kit for $175. The kit includes the company’s essential items that really speak to what the company is about.


the friendship philosophy
I’m both!


I now have the opportunity to do something that I love. I don’t have any formal merchandising and fashion training. So, to be able to have a place in the style industry is a gift. I named my boutique Boxes of Bijoux which means boxes of jewelry. However, right now my URL is .

“I have two children and just like most, I needed to make extra income. What better way to do that than a career that ties together all of my interests: fashion, beauty, and recently added, photography…”       -from ‘My Story’ on my personal boutique, Boxes of Bijoux.

There are a couple things that I love most about the brand. First, I think the packaging is so unique. I love the branded keepsake pouches! I think they are so pretty and add a little life to the way you store your jewelry. Secondly, the branded closure on the jewelry is definitely one of a kind.

branded packaging

Chloe+Isabel has a signature that I believe really makes the brand worth while. A lot of the jewelry is convertible. You can take one necklace and remove or add pieces to create simplicity or make a statement. It amazes me that there are earrings in which the center jewel can be removed to add another in its place. So many looks with minimal effort.


Parisian Belle Convertible Necklace can be cropped at various lengths


Parisian Belle Convertible Stud Earrings- Sapphire crystal center can be worn as a bold pop of color or paler tone for more of a subtle look

(Parisian Belle is a min-collection that is part of the new full Spring 2017 Wanderlust collection)

I hope you guys visit my boutique and enjoy shopping! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I will respond quickly and no later than 24 hours.

The Instagram account for my boutique is @boxesofbijoux If you follow, please comment “blog fam” on one of the pics.

As always, I love you guys and thanks for reading! I value your interaction and you as a customer if you choose to be one. If you like this post, please like, comment, and/or subscribe to my blog.

Boxes of Bijoux -my personal boutique

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-Heart Break Brody



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