I Like My Makeup Tarte

If you read my previous post then you know I promised I would review my birthday gift that I chose from Sephora.  To find out how to receive one of your own every year, please refer to Happy Birthday To You: a gift from Sephora.

mini liquid lipstick and baked blush

Once again the gift I chose was the lip and cheek duo by Tarte Cosmetics.  It included the Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in color “Paaaarty” and Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in color “Birthday Suit”.  Up until that point, the only product I’d used by Tarte was the Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara.  I absolutely love that by the way, and will possibly do a review of that as well.  I knew, of course, that this brand was a very high-end, high-quality brand.  I follow it on Snapchat+Instagram.  All of my favorite beauty influencers swear by the products and this was my opportunity to have more of this company’s products as well.

a close-up of tarteist makeup item

Tarte is all about creating items that are good for the skin.  I’m not sure if all of the makeup is vegan but I do know they have items that are vegan-friendly.

For instance, the creamy matte lip paint is in fact vegan-friendly.  When I think about how to put my thoughts into words about this lipstick, I’m kind of stuck.  That is because I love it so much and I don’t know how to express just how amazing it felt to apply it to my lips.  With the very first stroke, it almost felt like my lips were being covered by a small piece of Heaven mixed with a scoop of Breyers waffle cone ice cream.  It’s so soft, smooth, pigmented, and “moussey” as Tarte would describe it.  The full coverage is definitely a plus.  On the website, the description states that it is long wearing (I had to re-apply once throughout the entire day), lightweight, and non-drying.  In my opinion that is the concrete truth.  I’m really craving more colors.  The color I have is a gorgeous nude but I want them all.  It’s become my favorite liquid lipstick by far.

Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paintliquid lipstick applicator...color is birthday suit

Now, on to the solar- baked blush.  The  Amazonian clay 12-hour baked blush is extremely soft to the touch.  I didn’t use it as a blush.  I used it as an eyeshadow and it honestly feels healthy just putting it on lol.  On the website under the product description, it does state “Amazonian clay harvested from the banks of the Amazon River and naturally baked by the sun”.  Once again, the company is all about finding and using the best ingredients for their customers.  Even though it was on my eyes, without me applying a primer first, it lasted pretty much all day.  I am not a big blush fan but I do feel as though this particular blush may change that for me.  By the way, I’m not very good at describing colors that are not flat out red, blue, green, true pink, or purple lol.  The pictures that I have taken of both the lipstick and blush are near their true colors.

baked blush openedblush case

Tarte Cosmetics has become a brand that I feel could possibly become one of my top favorite brands.  If you are unsure about spending the money I want to assure you that it’s worth every dollar spent.  The quality and care of the makeup is top-notch.  I love watching the tartelettes on Snapchat too! ( @tartecosmetics )

makeup look wearing lip and cheek duowearing lip and cheek duo

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