How To: Bring Your Dry Cream/Gel Makeup Back To life

If you have old, dry cream or gel makeup products but you don’t have the desire to throw them away, then rest assured.  I have you covered.

When I first purchased my ELF cream eyeliner, I was so happy because I had been on the search for one but, of course, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  That’s just who I am lol.  So, I’m at CVS and I see it in this perfect black.  It’s only $3.00 so I buy it, go home, and start playing around.  It’s nice and pigmented.  It glides on effortlessly.  I’m pleased to say the least.

I tried my best to keep the top on tightly and let as little air pass through as possible.  However, I do come to find out that it does dry out quickly.  So, I’m disappointed but I keep it because I knew I could search YouTube and find a solution.  I mean, YouTube has solutions for everything right?  Keep in mind, I didn’t search for about 9 months, smh lol.

Finally, a few days ago, it came to mind.  I came across a video, “How To Get Rid Of Dry Gel Liner Fast“, on Jocelyn Aquino’s channel.  For starters I noticed she had the same liner, among others, which is a plus.


  1. A small spatula or a bobby pin
  2. a lighter
  3. setting/finishing spray


  1. Pump the setting spray one time into the product
  2. light it up for 5 seconds: flame goes up while you hold the product upside down going towards the flame…(I did 3 seconds because the sound of anything burning concerns me)
  3. Use your spatula (I used a bobby pin) to mix it up for about a minute and a half…(I only did 30 seconds to a minute)

I was so nervous to do this at first because of the whole “light em up” step but it actually worked.  I also tried this on my NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade.  Both products are still nice and creamy after a few days of applying this method.  Honestly, they work even better than when I originally bought it.  I wonder if this will work on cream eyeshadow as well.  I guess I’ll have to buy some, purposely let it dry out, and see.

elf cosmetics cream eyeliner

elf liner after reviving
black elf eyeliner – “after”

eyebrow makeup

nyx brow product
nyx brow product – “after”

I wish I had thought to take “before” pictures but I simply just wasn’t thinking I would write a post about it.  I do apologize.  However, the next time I have a dry product I will take a before and after photo for you guys.

Seriously, try this method out.  You won’t regret it!

brow and eye products on the face

Buy Elf’s cream eyeliner

Buy NYX brow pomade


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